The Yakult Lady

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A short bittersweet one-shot story that honors the hardworking street peddlers bringing food, drink and health to our homes. A story that exposes us to the inevitability of change in our lives. And a story that reminds us to hope that it is not yet too late to do the right thing.

Story and art by Julius Sempio

This series has no episodes yet.

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  1. I was not initially planning to use this account to publish any story, but earlier I was reminded of one of my most bittersweet childhoold memories for some reason even unknown to me. I decided to at least lay down the foundation to tell a glimpse of that story, which may be too personal to be included under the Tatlonghari Project serial, and at least relieve me of one of my personal regrets I hope that I can still be redeemed from.
    Here’s hoping I can manage to push through with this planned short project once my schedule clears up a bit 🙂

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