Atomos: Steampunk – The Hunt for Caesarius

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About Atomos: Steampunk - The Hunt for Caesarius:

The Atomos: Publications Team is proud to present The Hunt for Caesarius, the first set of stories developed by the Atomos: Steampunk Stories Team! The series revolves around the misadventures of two detectives in their quest to track down the elusive Caesarius, a disgraced petrochemicals magnate who is being accused of bombing the assets of his business archrival the Lord Barrymore as acts of vengeance for the former’s misfortunes. But as the duo unfold the mysteries surrounding their quarry they are realizing that their situation is not as simple as it seems, as not only do they learn more about the motivations of their target, but also about the growing socio-political chaos of the Steampunk Realm itself.

Throughout the storyline, the Atomos: Steampunk Stories Team makes sure to embed science-inspired scenarios and trivia that both the casual reader and the most astute of sleuths might stumble upon, starting, of course, with the personifications of characters that are inspired by the elements of the Periodic Table. So ready your gadget-y goggles, oil up your clockwork servitors, breathe in the sights and sounds of moving steel, and prepare your mechanical arms for a journey of a lifetime!

Lead art by Jerome Suplemento

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