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MIXD POP (formerly Komiks On Demand) is our free, on-demand print publishing, marketing and distribution label for comic creators. All creator members are eligible to become a print partner, be sure to read the necessary information and agreement details before submitting your title.

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Print Publishing Partnership Application

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With MIXD POP, we publish, sell and distribute their titles exclusively via our Shopee online store for free. As this is an on-demand service, creators need not worry about inventory management and unsold items. All titles are produced and shipped per customer order.

MIXD will only take a portion of each individual sale to cover for production and distribution costs while the rest goes to the creators as their royalty.

Comic creators should be a resident of The Philippines, at least 18 years of age to be eligible for publishing and should also have a bank account or a verified e-wallet account to receive payments.

All titles are printed in an output size of at least 14 x 20 cm or a little less than A5 size. The paper used is a premium 100 GSM white paper while the cover is printed on 250 – 300 GSM laminated resin coated photo paper.

The maximum no. of pages we allow per book is 192 pages.

Titles that are 24 to 48 pages will be saddle stitched (staple-bound) while titles between 52 and 192 pages are perfect bound.

  • Internal pages with cover, alternate/variant covers are allowed.
  • Full-colored or grayscale/black and white pages.
  • Internal page count of at least 24 pages and should be in multiples of 8, maximum number of pages is 196.
  • Pages should at be rendered on A4 size (3508 x 1748 pixels) with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi for best quality.
  • File should be preferably in PSD or TIF format or at least in high resolution JPG or PNG as long as its 300 to 600 dpi.
  • Use our template as a guide for proper layout and trimming. Download here: https://bit.ly/MIXDPOP-Template

Rated G – General Audiences

  • Family-Friendly Content
    Non-suggestive of any mature themes.
  • Fantasy violence with very mild instances of blood

Rated PG – For ages 13 and above

  • Mild mature themes and explicit language must be replaced with symbols (i.e. #@%$!^)
  • Limited use explicit language (uncensored)
    Mild realistic violence
  • Sexually suggestive content but not graphically depicted.
  • Implied nudity
  • Limited instances of drugs, smoking, gambling, and alcohol.

Rated M – For ages 18 and above

  • Explicit language
    Instances of full-frontal nudity and sexual content
  • Realistic violence with blood and gore
  • Any depiction of blood, alcohol, smoking, and gambling.
  • Any depiction of sensitive social issues (prostitution, drug-dealing, human trafficking, etc)

What we DO NOT allow: 

  • Graphic sexual depictions of children (lolicon).
  • Use of existing intellectual properties without permission.
  • Targeted attacks toward a specific individual, minority, community or institution. 
  • Hate propaganda.
  • Third party advertisements including but not limited to other local online comic platforms.

Print On Demand

The price of MIXD POP Titles will consist of the following: Royalty + Production Cost + Additional Fees


  1. Royalty is the amount you will get paid per individual item sold.
  2. Production Cost will cover the labor and expenses made during the production of your book.
  3. Additional Fees will cover the extra costs charged by Shopee and their shipping partners.

Pricing of these books will depend at the number of their respective pages, regardless of the complexity of their content.

For Royalty – Production Cost break down, please refer to the table below:

Maximum No. of PagesRoyaltyProduction Cost
32 Pages50100
48 Pages60140
56 Pages70180
72 Pages80220
104 Pages110260
128 Pages120280
144 Pages130320
176 Pages140360
192 Pages150400
  • All creators are locked with an exclusivity agreement that is renewable every year.
  • Within this duration, all sales, production and distribution will only be managed by MIXD
  • Should creators decide to sell copies on their own, they are allowed to avail of our Digital Printing Service.
  • Creators are still allowed to upload and distribute their works online via MIXD or other online platforms (local or international) unless the title is also part of our Platinum publishing label.
  • Creators can cancel and pull out anytime but must be done with prior notice and must abide with our publishing agreement terms.
  • Creators are paid upon request, they can monitor their sales via the number of items sold at the Shopee online platform. Creator must provide a valid payout channel to receive payments. Transaction fees may be deducted from the payout amount.

Publishing Agreement

This agreement covers all the above mentioned information and must be complied to in order to be eligible to participate in this partnership. The terms and conditions mentioned below must be made fully aware of before submitting a title for publication through any MIXD POP program.


MIXD will not be held liable for any damages or will not be held accountable to any assertion that the content submitted to us (a) infringes the intellectual property rights of any third party, (b) is defamatory, (c) violates the rights of privacy or of publicity of any third party, (d) otherwise violates the rights of any third party, (e) requires the payment of royalties or fees of any type to any third party, or (f) violates any applicable laws or regulations. We will be entitled, at our expense, to participate in the defense and settlement of the claim or action with counsel of our choosing.

Exclusivity, Term & Termination.

Under this revised Publishing Agreement, for all titles submitted under our Print On Demand publishing service, creators must acknowledge that MIXD has the sole right to publish, sell and distribute all submitted comics for one full year and has an option to renew afterwards. Creators must also acknowledge that MIXD, as publisher has the right to freely distribute titles for marketing purposes without any incentives or royalty and that royalties are earned when titles are purchased via our sales channels. 

Creators can request to have their own copies printed for the purpose of selling and distribution under their own pricing. For the purpose of selling during events like conventions, request must be made at least one month in advance from the date of the event.

The exclusivity is only limited to the publication, selling and distribution of the title’s print variant, and creators are still eligible to sell and distribute the digital variant outside of MIXD’s platform unless published as a Premium online title in which said title’s digital variant must be also published in a similar manner as paid content in other websites.  

The term of this agreement will begin upon the acceptance of it and will continue until it is terminated by us or by you. We are entitled to terminate this agreement and any access to the Partnership account at any time. We will notify the creator upon termination. Creators are entitled to terminate at any time by providing us notice of termination, in which event we will cease selling the respective content within 5 business days from the date of notice of termination. We may also suspend the Partnership account at any time with or without notice, for any reason in our discretion.

All content acquired by customers before termination will not be returned and will survive termination.

All rights and obligations that by their nature or as stated to continue beyond termination will survive any termination of this Agreement, including confidentiality obligations and indemnification. We may retain, store, reproduce, and publicly display copies of respective content after termination or after said content is no longer available in the Program (i) for customer service purposes, (ii) to fulfill customer orders for content pending as of the date of termination or removal of the content from the Program, (iii) to provide customers with access to their highlighted or annotated text, and (iv) to provide access to the respective content or otherwise support customers who have purchased content before termination or the content’s removal from the Program.


Creator will not disclose any confidential information from MIXD to any third party unless required by law.


If any provision of this agreement is held to be illegal, invalid, or unenforceable, the remaining provisions will remain in full force and the illegal, invalid, or unenforceable provision shall be amended immediately to achieve as closely as possible the economic effect of the original term.


MIXD reserves the ultimate right to decide with the pricing of all titles including costs of production and other adjustments. Royalties, gateway fees and print cost rates are subject to change over time. We will notify creators of these changes and their date of effectivity.

Changes to this Agreement

MIXD holds the right to make amends to this agreement with or without notice. 

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