MIXD 1.9 Cloud Connected

MIXD v1.9 – Cloud Connected

After we fully opened MIXD, we decided to take more steps further in order to provide a more competent, innovative platform for your created content – and this time, we are cloud connected.

We have learned how other Filipino comic platforms are catching up, and they rightfully should as the only way to adapt in this environment is to continue innovating and change for the better. This is a validation of the standards we set on what a Filipino online comics platform should be – by adopting UI and UX functionalities laid out by established social media applications.

When we re-branded as MIXD, much of KomikSpot’s traces are still scattered all over, many of these are outdated code that needed refreshing and upgrading and so gradually while we started catering again to our users, we continue to implement more changes and provide everyone with a more optimized experience.

A Walk In The Clouds

First off, we migrated again to a newer server facility, our choice this time was Interserver and they have a robust network with cutting edge hardware and technology. Second is we have integrated our site with a CDN or Content Delivery Network – meaning the site should load significantly faster even on mobile networks. Having a cloud connected platform also means we can reach more creators wherever they are in the world.

For media storage, all videos and images are now hosted by Wasabi Cloud Storage and is hooked to Bunny CDN and we have highly optimized our site for Asian traffic for ultra-low latency.

All New VIP Perks

Last time we wrote about our Rewards program and how it can benefit creators in the long run by offering them a gamified monetization system. We also introduced last September our Premium line-up of titles originally marketed for digital distribution – formerly known as the Platinum Comics line up, we have revamped this feature in our platform to benefit more creators – effectively branding it as MIXD Premium.

This time all creators who have reached a VIP rank will be able to create Premium Series – these are comics or novels with episodes that can be unlocked by spending Gems. These Gems are automatically transferred to the creator’s account. Once a creator reaches a VIP rank, they will see additional fields when creating new Series or Episodes – this will allow them to categorize their Series and Episodes as Free to Read or Premium and set a Gem price for buying access to an episode.

Publishing Episodes Made Even Better

Before we usually had three “create” buttons – Create a Series, Create a Comic Episode and Create a Novel Episode. Way back at the original 2021 version of KomikSpot, we even had four – there was a button for creating a Comic Series and a Novel Series, then a Comic Episode and a Novel Chapter. The result was a rather messy backend code, cluttered UI and confusing creators as some would create a Novel Series by accident when they intended to create a Comic Series.

We simplified this by just having two create buttons – one for creating Series and another for an Episode. When creating Series you can just select either as Comic or Novel and when creating Episodes you can also toggle between the two and the submission fields change, its much more intuitive and easier to follow.  

Some Small Changes and New Features

Here’s a rundown of some the other changes and improvements we made:

CREATOR DASHBOARD – this section has seen the most changes ever since we launched, in fact almost every other day the Creator Dashboard has seen a layout change or two. As this is the starting point for Creators, it is only necessary we make sure that the interface is easy to go over.

For those who are just starting, the Dashboard shows an entire Series creation form for you to fill and once you’ve made your first Series, you will see them nicely laid out in a grid format (for desktop). You will also see the two buttons we just mentioned above for creating another Series or your first Episode.

Your Series’ Episodes will be accessible when you click on the Episodes button where a pop-up appears, this is very reminiscent of what we did with KomikSpot before.

GOODBYE SUMMARY, HELLO PAGE STYLE – we eliminated the Summary field when creating Episodes as this can consume some valuable time. Sometimes the Summary can spoil everything so its better that we take them out.

In its replacement though, is the PAGE STYLE for Comic Episodes. By default, the setting for this is set at Web – which is ideal for vertical scrolling web comics that is best viewed on mobile devices, however some creators upload digital versions of their printed comics and many pages are still laid out in the traditional way, nothing wrong with that though but this is where the Classic setting comes in. Ideal for desktop/laptop browsing, under this setting the pages can be clicked to be viewed in full so you don’t have to scroll through as the width of some pages can occupy a good part of your screen. You can also use the left or right arrow keys to navigate through the pages when viewed in full and when viewed on mobile, you can also swipe left or right.

BUY GEMS EASILY – Buying Gems has been made easier, on desktop mode the “Buy Gems” button on the Creator Dashboard and on the Profile Dropdown opens a pop-up window showing your current Gem balance and all available Gem Packs that you can check out right away. Also, when visiting locked Episodes, you will also be able to see a your current gem balance and a list of all Gem Packs available for purchase.

MIXD - Fun Reads All The Time

BOOKMARKS – Bookmarking Series is back. Introduced in KomikSpot last year as “Favorites”, this feature adds a shortcut to your bookmarked Series on your Creator Dashboard. Your bookmarked Series also shows on the Series listing page once logged in.

TRENDING TITLES – On the Series listing page, you’ll also see the list of Trending Titles. These are currently the most viewed Series which can change dynamically as time progresses. This is different from the “Most Viewed Series” as it counts the overall unique views of the Series since its publication.

A Final New Domain

Finally, our decision to change our web address – this is a bit of a task for us, since rising out of the ashes as MIXDTOON we shortened our name to MIXD and used mixd.fun, but now we have opted to go for mixd.cc.

We have received several reports of our website from triggering alerts from anti-virus apps and browsers with security measures in place – this is nothing more than a false positive as we can assure our site is free of any known malware or phishing programs. This false positive can be traced to an issue where most phishing sites have mostly abused the .fun domain name and because of that our traffic can be affected by security and privacy-conscious visitors, so we decided to change our domain.

Choosing .cc as our domain opens up a lot of meanings like Cloud Connected, Comic Creators, Creator Community, Content Creators just to name a few. We could have gone for a .ph domain name as we are a Filipino-first brand and .cc actually stands for the Cocos Islands in the South Pacific – but we’re happy with this decision nonetheless as it offers a lot of creative opportunities for us to take advantage of.

Final Words

We can still say that MIXD is still a work in progress, there is a lot for us down the line but for the mean time we are focusing on providing story creators the best self-publishing platform for their content. We are happy to have set many standards and how other local comic platforms are now figuring out how to follow suit.

We may not have been the first self-publishing online comics platform, but we can always say we were the ones who did things right.

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