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It wasn’t supposed to happen but it did. Re-branding as MIXD was a big risk, for many it implied failure to capitalize on the market or community but for us, this was inevitable. The KomikSpot brand was special and we loved its impact in the local comics community, but there laid the problem – it was too special that the name is limited to its demographic.

If you have a startup and you want to gain traction and you want to expand your userbase, you must make your platform global, not only you attract people from outside borders, but you will most likely reach more people within your initial target demographic. It goes something like this – in order to reach the moon, you must aim for the stars.

MIXD - Fun Reads All The Time

MIXD is a play on the words comics and mixed. Initially we were going for MixdToon but we dropped the Toon the last minute since we decided to bring back novels which we realized made KomikSpot unique. MIXD is no longer just a platform for comic creators – its a platform for storytellers.

Fail fast to get right back up quick.

Did KomikSpot fail?

We think many of you will say that, because of our sudden rebranding and pivot, we have failed to establish ourselves in the comics community here in the Philippines.

To answer the question: Yes we failed, but it was for the better.

Our momentum was derailed about halfway into 2021, prompting us to question our existence in this scene, there was already a hesitation to continue but our creators showed their support and loyalty and while we do not have a big community to back us up, we are powered by a motivation to disrupt and be different.

Because that’s what we always do. The two other “primary” platforms conveniently operate as a non-profit community while we’re the first to operate as a startup. Instead of following their footsteps, we made our own and we used the “startup approach” in validating what we should do in order to scale.

We changed the game, many in the community didn’t like what we did, but some big names gave their approval as well. You can say that when we first launched, the reaction was quite mixed ????

In the startup world, you fail fast in order to grow and learn.

We could care less about the issues we got involved with this other group that has wildly made allegations that we “hurt” them. They can have our “spot” with all puns intended. We will continue on innovating and introducing new ideas to empower creators.

Lessons learned.

A year and a half ago, KomikSpot was launched as a fulfillment of a plan that dated all the way back in 2019. Like I said it garnered mixed reactions, many secretly didn’t like it and some had to resort to dirty tactics to single us out. There was an obvious contempt by some individuals and it took a petty issue for them to show their true colors, and now suddenly we’ve been painted as “the bad guys” because we simply protected our business from the underhanded tactics (who wouldn’t?). They wanted to be exclusive, we want to be inclusive. Elitism has long been a problem in the comics community here even today when everyone seems united because the industry is said to be “dead”.

One reason for our re-brand is we wanted this exclusivity to end, we’ve always been an inclusive platform because we believe in giving opportunities for everybody – our efforts can also be traced back in KomikFest, a smaller-scaled convention aimed for creators who cannot afford the bigger ones, giving opportunities have always been our driving force and we will continue to do so with our platform.

Moving on with MIXD.

We’re leaving KomikSpot behind and everything there is left will live on with MIXD. Our team is growing too and soon we will be stretching beyond borders. Soon we will be a more diverse community and it opens more opportunities for discovery and collaboration, as well as opportunities to tell better stories and show better visualizations. If 2021 taught us something, is to be just steadfast and continue to move forward.

We do not regret anything but we can only apologize sincerely to those who were inconvenienced by our shift in direction.

For 2022, all we want if for everyone to have Fun Reads All The Time.


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