Content and Community Guidelines

1. Content Policy 
  • Content in our platform includes images, videos and text or a combination of any of the three. These are either submitted to us via our platform or provided by our team. User-submitted content may not be exclusive to our platform and can be seen on other platforms. MIXD will not be held responsible for user submitted content that has infringed any copyright. However, we will take the necessary action on content that has violated any copyright.
  • Copyrighted content that are used for satirical purposes and/or content that has obvious similarities with copyrighted material should have a disclaimer by the author who will use our platform to submit this kind of content. The disclaimer should be emphasized on the pages where the content will be placed.
  • Adult content is allowed in our platform provided that they do not depict any extremely violent or graphic sexual representation of children. User will provide the necessary disclaimers and age rating when submitting adult content. Our platform will also not be used as a medium for trading or selling pornographic photos and videos or any visual medium created for the sole purpose of sexual stimulation.
  • Users should not use the platform to upload content that promotes hate, prejudice or may otherwise cause intentional harm to any individual, ethnicity, minority or institution.
  • Links to sites that promote or share illegal content such as child porn, pirated software and content that may otherwise violate copyright laws are strictly not allowed.
  • Links to sites that promote gambling, prostitution, escort/dating services, crypto trading and other related activities are strictly prohibited.
  • Keep the content you submit as original as possible.

2. Community Etiquette and Acceptable Use.

  • MIXD fosters a healthy, creative community. We are aware that criticisms may arise and can lead to serious misunderstandings. Therefore we encourage our users to be civil at all times.
  • Bullying, harassment and making grave threats are not allowed in the community. Users are encourage to report these issues immediately so our team can take the necessary action.
  • You will not use MIXD as a platform to engage any activity that will promote hate, prejudice or otherwise may cause intentional harm towards any individual, ethnicity, minority or institution.  You will not also, use our platform to maliciously attack other brands or platforms that may be considered as a competition to us.
  • You will not use MIXD for excessive solicitation and self-promotion or any activity that are deemed as spam.
  • Advertisements of services and products not related to art, design, writing and/or comics creation or any other creative process is strictly not allowed.  
  • You will not use MIXD to divulge personal identifiable information or any information that violates the privacy of others. Also, you should not disclose any sensitive information about yourself that can compromise your privacy. 
  • You will never use another user’s account without permission.
  • MIXD will not be liable for any of your actions within or outside the platform that may cause repercussions on your character. The views and opinions of the user are their own.

3. False Engagement.

  • Do not engage in activities that artificially increase the number of views, likes or comments through automatic systems or use of third party services.
  • Do not create, use, or promote bots or other automated means to increase view counts, likes or perform social interactions.
  • Do not create multiple fake accounts for reasons such as, but are not limited to, driving traffic to external websites, inflating the popularity of other profiles, or abusing the Rewards Program.
  • Content that violates this policy may result in the removal of your account as well as potential banning from our social media channels.

4. Reporting Content.

We strive to maintain a fair and open-minded approach to how content posted on MIXD are moderated. Reported content that does not explicitly violate our guidelines may not be removed. We ask that you not report content solely based on your disagreement with the subject matter, but reserve reports to content violating the aforementioned guidelines.

Please do not report content in bad faith. Reporting content in a manner that is considered as spam in nature may result in action being taken against you, the reporting account.

Our guidelines may change in the foreseeable future, MIXD reserves the right to modify these guidelines with or without prior notice. However it is within our duty and responsibility to update you of any changes that have been made.
Original date of publication: September 11, 2021.
Updated date of publication: May 7, 2022 – slight revisions on Content Policy and Acceptable Use Terms.

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